Enrico Cornuda - Dédale

Poems for "Dédale"

(screenprinted book by Minesweeper Collective, Le Cagibi & Solstices project available here)

Illustrators are : Enrico Cornuda, Vesna, Richard Titikaka, Darkam Arcadia, Claudio Fonnesu, Illustre Feccia.

Enrico Cornuda - Dédale

At the entrance of the world
there is the skin and
the maze of the veins

on one side madness
on the other the molasses
of your inner streets

no beginning & no end
only your way of poaching
into the labyrinth


Vesna - Labyrinthe

You are into the labyrinth !

web of guts,
net – flesh & bricks
all around us

your father your mother
were there but no one after me

will be.

You are a daedalus

locked up in your own

– locked up angry & hungry.


Richard Titkaka - Borderline

Beasts & beauties
at every corner
whores & murderers
milk & honey
wine, beer & whisky

you like to lick the lymph
on the mermaids'
purple hair and salted skin
along the Thames

bite bricks touthy !

The Minesweeper floats on the river
where we all have to sink


Richard Titkaka - City

the mess of towers
with our tolling bell

Burn ! Burn... London
is a dark bonfire

Canals trace your roaming
un soir de demi-brume

open the veins of the city
cut your wrists let
all gibberish
flow (away)!

palimpsest of the cobblestones
where you vomited more
than once drunk &


Darkam Arcadia - Minotaur

i am the beast and i am so sad
i'm starving and no one
is able to feed me

Minos was my father
& Pasiphae my mum

she is beautiful & she
fornicated with a bull

here i am

living in a mess, liking it,
living in a mess and i don't know

let me take you there
where every path leads you

Besides where
do you want to go ?

every brick is a world,
a nonsense word.


Stephen Daedalus walks down the labyrinth
of my mind

there is Molly around
dressed up as a circle
or a window

too fucked up to
know what is
true or false

Abandon, she says, all thoughts
of beginning
& end,
all thoughts of an entrance
or an exit,
all thoughts of truth !

you want to be the side
walk, the o'clock, the
story of London

you want to be the object
that extendS yourself
in a fascination
totem tattoo taboo


Claudio Fonnesu

Il dedalo del tutto

tricks & dices
au bout de l'ongle
et de la langue

a rovescio

acephalous cockroaches
which grouch by colère

shellac nails & vomit
large cunt coins & corners

tu veux un fil
mais tu hais le sens
dead end
dead start
passo carrabile
de la crainte et de l'ennui

abracadabra à deux têtes
le boustrophédon
de ton الكيمياء


Illustre Feccia - Ariadne

following as
far as deepest
it's at the innermost
where voices are deeper
under the broken
to the set of meta
that we divise ourselves

underground streams
of joy & lamentations
come & go along
the thread

your skin

call us
to you